Sick and the scales are NOT moving wtf!

The past few days I have been playing Nurse maid my daughter has been really sick she came home from school Friday and looked really poorly and the whole weekend I have been staying by her side I actually didn’t get a wink of sleep Saturday because I wanted to keep an eye on her when she slept. My mind can go from 0- 10000 in a few seconds. I was convinced that she had pneumonia and wasn’t going to wake up! (My Auntie died a year ago of pneumonia and now I panic all the time that everyone is going to get it) irrational I know.

Anyway I have woken up with it today my head is pounding I have a temperature and my hip bones for some bizarre reason are killing me 😦 So today I am spending the day on the couch with my hubby (who has also woke up sick)

I am still on plan but I am not losing weight the scales are not moving I have no idea what is going on I haven’t cheated at all? I will not let this stop me I am going to stay on plan and hope that I will get on the scales in a few days and have a massive loss all of a sudden. Its been a month nearly (well 25 days) and I have lost 10 pounds, its not like I have a little bit to lose I need to lose 6 stone (I am 14s 6lbs today)I have been eating swede chips which are allowed I weigh them out as well. I did have 2 slices of salami but I cant see that sending me to a point of not losing weight it has hardly any carbs but I am going to stop having ANYTHING but 4 products a day. I don’t think I have been drinking enough water so I am going to make sure I am drinking more. OK that’s it I just wanted to get a post up so no one thinks I have fallen off the wagon 🙂

Oh I did find a fab website showing weight loss pictures its http://motiveweight.tumblr.com I have been going through and pinning all of the stories and pictures that I find the most amazing so I have something to go and look at if I feel tempted.

I do want to start working out (I want to get a cross trainer/ elliptical machine but I dont think I am allowed to work out yet. I have also been using one of those ab training belts I cant see a difference yet but then again my abs are hiding under a LOT of padding 🙂


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