Valentines day

So today is the 14th of Feb a day of love (in my opinion its a commercial waste of time but I am married and boring LOL) Anywho I have decided even though I have an amazing hubby who is my everything but this year I am loving my body! Yes it may be a bit broken and could do with a few replacement parts but I am going to love it still.

I have been trying to update so many things that I forget about my blog but I want to make sure that I pop on and update it so I can read it back at the end and maybe it will help someone else. To be someones inspiration or to help them even if its a tiny bit makes me happy.
I posted another video on my Youtube channel I am going to do them every 2 weeks I am really enjoying it and it is keeping me accountable so for that its well worth it.
I did cheat last week but I refuse to let that get to me I just sucked it up and got on with it.

Anyway if anyone is watching thank you and come check me out on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ku2dbmiMNog
I have a confession I hit a road block ( Slim and save VLCD ) + Joanne and Daniel


1 month in

So I have officially been on plan for 1 month as of yesterday, I wanted to lose 1 stone in January and that is exactly what I did, exactly to the pound actually. I am chuffed, I did a challenge that was set on the official slim and save forums and earned myself a badge for completing it, I have seen them on other people signatures and never thought I would get 1 so pretty pumped. I cant see any major difference YET but I can feel not so bloated but I know that I am on the right road and pretty soon I and other people will see it.l I don’t know what it is but I think like a light switch has been switched on this time, I often heard people talking about a light switch being flicked and there is no way they were going to fail this time and I now get that! I am not cocky though I have been at this point before (without the switch) but I am still happy and confident.
I have made a couple more youtube videos, I am enjoying doing them it is super cringe to watch them back but they are doing their job and they are keeping me on track and I have had people say already that they are helping them out so its well worth it in my opinion.

I am also using a Ab toning belt and I think that using that is helping me.

That’s it for today x