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2015 year of health (With Slim & Save)

I ended 2014 in the way that I’d spent most of it and that would be shoving as much food in my mouth as possible while thinking and moaning about weight and diets!
I have been on every diet I can name, I went on another VLCD before slim and save and it was much more expensive and I had to see a consultant who in all honesty didn’t give a flying poop how I was doing and 80% of the time I didn’t see her I would send my money over the internet and she would drop off the products and leave them on the doorstep! I have been up and down weight wise I have been a size 10-12 and i have been a size 20.
My confidence is rock bottom and I try and avoid seeing myself naked and the thought of my husband of 13 and a half years seeing me naked makes me shudder. I am blessed my husband loves me unconditionally and he really does.
I have PCOS and this makes it so I put on weight super easy and it’s really hard to lose also, saying that I eat like a pig!! It’s like as soon as sugar hits my tongue I need as much as possible,  it’s not unknown for me to come downstairs in the morning and eat cheesecake yep cheesecake for breakfast! Not pretty.
I also have some major issues with my back, I was involved in a car accident 8 years ago and it destroyed my back, it gets to the point where standing for more than a few minutes becomes so painful, it has got to a point that with me abusing my self with crap food and then my own body not being in tip top shape is making me someone I don’t want to be, I HAVE to do this. I am 33 and I will not be 34 in this body.
My husband and I tried to have another baby for a long time and sadly it didn’t work out, but maybe if I had got hold of the motivation back then we may have had another baby, I do have 2 kids (1 biological and 1 bonus) I know there is a chance my daughter could get PCOS too so I want to do all I can to keep her healthy too. My son is super healthy and is going to go to college to become a physical trainer ( I told him I will be his first client)
So January 1st 2015 was my start date, now I get it that most people start a new years resolution and by February it’s done but nope not me, not this time this is it!  I started off at 15 stone 2 ( I am 5 foot) so this isn’t a want it’s a need BUT I would like to feel hot not just be hot from walking 😉 so I decided I am going to do slim and save and as of today the 14th January I weigh 14 stone 7 🙆👏 yep I a happy girl. My hubby is also doing this with me, I am a complete worry wart and panic about everything including one of us dying and leaving the other one alone, but it could happen because we are not healthy but we are actively changing that.
I love slim and save products I don’t love all of them but I love enough to give me a good variety so I won t get bored. I will be on the plan for as long as it takes but my hope is that I will start refeeding by my birthday, the average weight loss is 1 stone a month, my goal is to end up weighing  9 stone, so that’s  just over 6 stone so in theory I should be done by June (My birthday is in July so I have a buffer of 1 month) I will review my goal as I get closer to it. My first target is to lose 10% of my starting weight so that is 21 pounds I need to lose , I am already down my 9 pounds so I am well on my way.
I have started a YouTube channel ( so if you are interested in following my journey please come over to VLCDGrasshopper channel. I will not bull crap anyone or sugar coat anything if I mess up I will tell you. If anyone has any hints or tips or questions please let me know.

Thank you