Support, anything you want to add?

I am overwhelmed by the support I have been show in 24 and a bit hours since I uploaded my video on YouTube! I want to make this clear I do not work for slim & save, they have no input on my channel, the only thing they have given me is the right to use their logo and show their products. With that out of the way I want to also say “I love s&s!!” Not just the people that work there, they have been beyond helpful but the people that are also on the plan have been just amazing. If I have a question I put it on the Facebook wall and BAM the answer arrives within minutes.

I am trying to decide what direction I want my YouTube channel to go in, look I am in no way fooling myself that I will be the next Zoella (thanks to my daughter I know she is a big time YouTube hit, that has way too many products that I HAD to buy for Christmas 😨) but I would like to put some effort into it so that my mind is on this and not cake! I as a person and no please don’t think I am trying to be Mother Theresa but I love helping people, I am one of those that enjoys giving and not receiving ( not in every situation πŸ˜‰πŸ’‹) so I want to help people see that there is an answer to their prayers. I don’t believe many people come to a VLCD as a first option ( I may be wrong?) So for me to show real results of real people hopefully that will be enough to give someone the kick up the arse they have been waiting for. At the same time I don’t want to come across as a know it all because let’s call a spade a spade I am fat! I don’t know the answers and while this time feels different I don’t want to end up with pie on my face ( or in my gob πŸ˜€) this would be total disaster after putting myself out there for all to see. So I want to make my channel both a true documented picture of my weight loss and also include as much information to help newbies without sounding like I am selling the diet. I have a tendency to sound like a salesperson because that’s my specialty.

So after this long blog about not too much I have asked if anyone would be willing to send me their before and after pics so I can make a small slide show showing real results from real people. I have also asked people what questions they had at the start of the plan that they were looking for an answer to what diet to follow without having to read pages and pages of info. I will end my waffle (I got more rabbit than Sainsbury’s as Chas and Dave said) by repeating what I said at the start by saying the out pouring of support is just such a brilliant feeling, it makes me feel like I am not alone there is a whole army with me fighting to get healthy.

Thank you reading my waffling and if you have any thing you would like me to do in future videos let me know and if you have a before/ after picture that you want me to include in an upcoming video let me know x


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